Quartetto di Cremona: Beethoven-Edition komplett!

01.12.2015 | Sabine Wiedemann Neues Quartetto di Cremona: Beethoven-Edition komplett!

Die bisherigen Bände der Edition hat die internationale Fachpresse mit Enthusiasmus aufgenommen. Alle Aufnahmen wurden in Italien in der Fondazione Spinola Banna per l'Arte eingespielt.

Zum Abschluss der Aufnahmen schreibt das Quartetto di Cremona auf Facebook:

And today at 6:30pm we finished to record all the Beethoven string quartets. A travel lasted two years and 8 volumes (3 still have to be released).
A travel that would have been more difficult without the support of the Fondazione Spinola Banna per l'Arte, the Marchesi Gianluca, Orsola and Federico Spinola, and our friend Rita & Gianni.
Thanks to Francesca Ricciardi Photographer for the pictures and the video that soon will document our long trip and, last but not least, thank you to Ludger Böckhenhoff, our sensitive and wonderful producer of the audite!
He made a great job and has been able to understand our playing and musical ideas giving us suggestion to improve our interpretation and make us feel very, very comfortable. WOW!