Otto Klemperer Edition: RIAS Recordings

Oct 20, 2011 News & Release Otto Klemperer Edition: RIAS Recordings

This CD boxed set, containing both live and studio recordings, documents the artistic cooperation between Otto Klemperer and the RIAS-Symphony-Orchestra (later known as the Radio-Symphony-Orchestra Berlin) from 1950 until 1958. These recordings illuminate Klemperer’s late performing style, his repertoire and his interpretational ideals. He explored the repertoire of the eighteenth to the twentieth centuries by creating three-dimensional sound, concise rhythms, clearly contoured forms and precise characterisations.

For this edition, the original tapes from the RIAS archives were made available for the first time, ensuring the best possible technical quality.

We present extensive additional material for this production which is also available as download. More information about the production here.