Service action Furtwängler LPs

Sep 13, 2012 | Sabine Wiedemann News & Release Service action Furtwängler LPs

​In case some of the LPs showed hairlines and the customer was not happy with it audite offered to replace the whole product with a complete box from the second edition which is not affected by hairlines. To receive the replacement customers had to send in their invoice and pack the previous box ready for pickup. The return of the original box and the shipment of the replacement were organized by audite without any additional costs for the customer.

As expected, only a small fraction of the LP boxes of the first edition was returned and replaced by customers and distributors. This again is proof for the statement audite posted all along that in spite of the hairlines the percentage of substitutable products does not exceed the usual percentage in any other vinyl production.

But we are very happy that we were able to satisfy also those customers who were unhappy with the audite product before!