Mandelring Quartett

May 18, 2005 News Mandelring Quartett

Founded in 1997 under the artistic direction of the Mandelring Quartett the Hambacher Musikfest has developed into one of the highly acclaimed chamber music festivals in Europe.

Each year renowned artists follow the quartet’s invitation to the picturesque city of Neustadt in the wine region Palatinate and perform a varied program with music from classic to modern. This year’s artists include the Trio Jean Paul, the Marimba-Duo Katarzyna Mycka/Franz Bach, Thomas Duis (piano), Volker Höh (guitar), Michael Martin Kofler (flute) and Reinald Schwarz (double bass); the „Platform for young artists” presents Julian Steckel (violoncello) with his duo partner Francesco Piemontesi (piano) and the successful girl’s choir „Pfälzische Kurrende“ under Carola Bischoff.

From May 25 to May 29 you can hear eight concerts, four of them in the historic castle of Hambach; the concerts in the baroque church St. Jakobus and the concerts in two vineries draw a great audience, too.
The artistic level of the performances, the nearness to the artists and the festive to charming atmosphere of the concert locations determine the special character of the festival just as the regional wines, champagnes and food specialties offered throughout the festival.

Information about the festival at tel. 06321-92043 and at ; for information about the Mandelring Quartett and concert dates