Mandelring Quartett: Shostakovich cycle in Berlin

Dec 6, 2012 | Sabine Wiedemann Artists Mandelring Quartett: Shostakovich cycle in Berlin

​The daily Tagesspiegel writes: "...what the much lauded and prize-winning Mandelring Quartet has to offer, with its disciplined tone, almost devoid of mystery, is something one would very much like to hear in clearest detail."

The Tageszeitung (taz) notes that the players, "while attacking the dynamic passages with ferocity, sustained the tension in the quiet sections and convinced their audience with their perfectly honed ensemble playing."

And the review on RBB (Radio Berlin and Brandenburg) remarks: "And what does the brilliant Mandelring Quartet do with it? Rhetoric never dominates. Even in the stormy passages they leave us room for our own emotions, and they craft the slow sections with such a wealth of detail that one strives not to miss a moment. And in their self-effacing approach these musicians perform the music above and beyond the suffering it expresses, so that the lament, when turned into music, can even bring consolation."