Feb 18, 2014 | Sabine Wiedemann News Video for Requiem with Hansjörg Fink (trombone) and Elmar Lehnen(organ)

​As a preview you can find impressions from the recording session in the papal basilica in Kevelaer with its impressive Seifert organ and sound examples in our video accompanying the production.

Hansjörg Fink and Elmar Lehnen prove to be border crossers, demonstrating that contrasts can be tied together. Age-old tradition meets vibrant, jazzy joie de vivre; composed music meets improvisation; liturgy meets world; spirituality meets sensuality. Fink and Lehnen move assuredly on historic foundations, adding their own, liberal figures. Sombre moments of death appear here in a new, milder light.

Release date (Germany) is March 14th.

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