audite tracks from the net

Aug 20, 2007 News audite tracks from the net

As of now you can download many audite titles and tracks as mp3-files from the internet.

As of now audite offers many titles and tracks for downloading on the major music platforms. audite is one of the first independent classic labels, which are open to this new option. Here you can find a complete list of all audite titles on the internet. audite is already present on most specific music platforms, very soon also on iTunes which is one of the biggest on the market.

You can learn more about music download and our perpsectives on it at the music fair Popkomm in Berlin (19. – 21. September): label owner Ludger Böckenhoff will discuss chances and risks of this new market with Gregor Willmes (FonoForum) and other leading people from the label and music download scene.