audite and SACD-authoring

Jun 15, 2004 News audite and SACD-authoring

More and more the SACD gains acceptance as THE audiophile soundcarrier. The SACD convinces through high-resolution surround sound and CD-player compatibility. Now audite offers a new service: our own authoring for SACDs. Authoring is the last step before the actual production of a SACD. We use soft- and hardware–tools from Philips, the inventor of the SACD. We now offer this service for our customers in our company.

There are five steps in the process of authoring:

1) Checking the studio data for mistakes.

2) Possible conversion from PCM to DSD format for commissioned works.

3) Lossless compression of DSD-audio-data to maximise the capacity of the SACD.

4) The actual authoring in which all data including audio data and text information about tracks, works, composers, artists etc. is brought together in one file.

5) Checking of that file and production of a so called “cutting master” from which the actual SACD can be manufactured.

For more information please refer to the Philips website.