News from Furtwängler?!

Jun 18, 2009 News News from Furtwängler?!

Due to the release of the Furtwängler box at audite the Foundation Berliner Philharmoniker and the Wilhelm-Furtwängler Society hosted a panel discussion on June 17th in the Hermann Wolff Saal of the Philharmonie Berlin with audite's producer Ludger Böckenhoff, Dr. Helge Grünewald as the Berlin Philharrmonic's spokesman and the sound engineer of the Philharmonie Berlin Klaus-Peter Groß.

The motto of the discussion “News from Furtwängler?!” included topics such as the development and the conception of the Furtwängler box, the general handling of historic tape material and technical and esthetical aspects during the process of remastering. The technical possibilities of remastering (and according to this the artistic and historical responsibility of the sound engineer) were documented by commented listening examples.

You can find more information about the panel discussion on the Berliner Philharmoniker’s website.
For further information about remastering we recommend our podcast "Historic Recordings and Remastering" which includes many listening examples from audite’s Furtwängler box.