Feb 18, 2010 News & Artists & Release Hideyo Harada & Schumann

In April audite released piano works by Robert Schumann with Hideyo Harada. Following her highly successful recordings on SACD format of works by Grieg (aud. 92.555) and Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninov (aud. 92.569), the Japanese pianist Hideyo Harada presents her third SACD with three key works by Schumann, celebrating the 200th anniversary of his birth. With her interpretation Hideyo Harada demonstrates the dramatic range of the contrasts in Robert Schumann’s music. She moves the poetic elements close to the nature of the language, creating clear and vivid contours within the complex routes of Schumann’s music. The result is a transparent, and at the same time colourful, portrait of musical romanticism.

Watch our video with excerpts from the new recording and impressions of the recording session!