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The RIAS Amadeus Quartet Mozart Recordings
audite 21.427|Jul. 2014
EUR 34.99 5CD
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The RIAS Amadeus Quartet Mozart Recordings

The RIAS Amadeus Quartet Recordings, Vol. III

The string quartets of its eponym Mozart were, from the very beginning, a matter of the heart for the Amadeus Quartet. The previously unreleased recordings presented here from the archives of Deutschlandradio were made during the quartet’s first decade. They show the ensemble at a very high technical and musical level even at that early stage of its career. This edition is complemented by the four great string quintets with Cecil Aronowitz and the clarinet quintet with Heinrich Geuser. more...

Cecil Aronowitz | Heinrich Geuser
Amadeus Quartet

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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The third volume of radio recordings with the Amadeus Quartet is dedicated to works of its eponym. From the very beginning, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's string quartets were a matter of the heart for the Amadeus Quartet. During the ensemble's long career, which lasted for nearly forty years, the great majority of its concert programmes contained at least one work by Mozart. It is not widely known that the Amadeus Quartet made studio recordings for the Berlin broadcasting corporation RIAS every year for nearly two decades. These previously unreleased Mozart recordings from the archives of Deutschlandradio Kultur, the legal successor to RIAS, were made during the quartet's first ten years. They feature eight of the ten great string quartets written during Mozart's mature period and show the ensemble at a very high technical and musical level, even at that early stage of its career. The great attention to detail and highly controlled form, in combination with great expression, create the prerequisite for musical spontaneity. These recordings are also of particular interest as they document the Amadeus Quartet at different levels in its reading of Mozart. In the first studio recordings of 1950 and 1951 the ensemble's surprisingly unusual and experimental interpretational approach opened up hitherto unknown expressive possibilities.

This edition is complemented by recordings of Mozart's four great string quintets. The second viola part is played by the South-African-born Cecil Aronowitz. He was occasionally referred to as the fifth member of the Amadeus Quartet as he was nearly always engaged when a second viola was needed. Three of the four string quintets were recorded in the studio in one single recording session in 1953 - given the high musical quality of these tapes, this is proof of the extraordinary standard of the ensemble, able to lay down a recording more or less straight away. Another peak is the recording of Mozart's clarinet quintet with Heinrich Geuser, one of the leading clarinettists of his time.

This release is furnished with a "producer's comment" by producer Ludger Böckenhoff on | Friday, December 02, 2016 | jfl | December 2, 2016 | source: http://ionarts.b...

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The RIAS Amadeus Quartet Mozart Recordings (audite 21.427)

part of the series: The RIAS Amadeus Quartet Recordings (6/6 productions)
article number: 21.427
EAN barcode: 4022143214270
price group: BCG
release date: 18. July 2014
total time: 332 min.

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