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Christian Ferras plays Beethoven and Berg Violin Concertos
audite 95.590|Oct. 2011
EUR 13.99 CD

Christian Ferras plays Beethoven and Berg Violin Concertos

Christian Ferras was one of the prominent representatives of the Franco-Belgian violin school. This studio recording was made in 1951 on the occasion of his sensational début with the Berlin Philharmonic under Karl Böhm with Beethoven’s violin concerto. Ferras was also a leading interpreter of Alban Berg’s violin concerto, as is impressively demonstrated by this emotionally charged live recording with the Radio Symphony Orchestra Berlin. more...

Christian Ferras
Radio-Symphonie-Orchester Berlin | Berliner Philharmoniker

Massimo Freccia | Karl Böhm

Ludwig van Beethoven | Alban Berg


Christian Ferras (1933-1982) was, alongside Jacques Thibaud, Zino Francescatti and Ginette Neveu, one of the great violinists who had a determining influence on the Franco-Belgian violin school: an art of playing the violin which is often associated with sensuality, elegance and a refined sound quality. Following his début in Paris in 1946 with the “Symphonie espagnole” by Édouard Lalo and Beethoven’s violin concerto, Ferras launched an international career. Together with the pianist Pierre Barbizet he formed a congenial duo which lasted for three decades. His cooperation with Herbert von Karajan and the Berlin Philharmonic during the 1960s marked the pinnacle of his career. Ferras had made his début with the Berlin Philharmonic as early as 1951. Under the baton of Karl Böhm, he performed the Beethoven violin concerto at the Titania Palast. On this occasion a studio recording was made at the Jesus-Christus-Kirche in Berlin which is presented here. It is fascinating to experience the beauty and confident serenity of Ferras’ interpretation of the solo part when he was only eighteen years old. A live recording from 1964 with the Radio Symphony Orchestra Berlin under the baton of the Italian-American conductor Massimo Freccia is an impressive document of Ferras’ reading of the Alban Berg violin concerto: he saw it as a primarily romantic work which he performed with great expressiveness to striking effect.

Ferras’ career took a tragic turn when, towards the end of the 1960s, he began battling with depression and alcoholism which resulted in a gradual withdrawal from concert life. In 1975, he accepted a professorship at the Paris Conservatoire and in the following years he no longer performed publicly. Ferras returned to the concert platform once more in March 1982; however, only three weeks after his final concert on 25 August 1982, at the age of 49, he took his own life.

This release is furnished with a “producer’s comment” by producer Ludger Böckenhoff on our home page .

This CD forms part of our series “Legendary Recordings” and bears the stamp “1st Master Release”. This term stands for the exceptional quality of audite’s archive releases which are all, without exception, produced using original tapes from the radio archives. Usually, these are the original analogue tapes with tape speeds of up to 76 cm/s which are of astonishingly high quality, even by today’s standards. In addition, the process of re-mastering – executed with professional expertise and sensitivity – reveals hitherto hidden details of the interpretations, creating a sonic image of superior quality. CD releases produced from private recordings of radio broadcasts or old 78rpm records cannot match this level of sound quality.

    ClicMag | N° 10s Novembre 2013 | Jérôme Angouillant | November 1, 2013

    Cet enregistrement en studio publié par Audite marque le début de la carrière internationale du violoniste et suit deux concerts qu'il donna à Berlin du concerto Op.61 de Beethoven, à l'invitation de Karl Böhm.…

    hifi & records
    hifi & records | 4/2012 | Uwe Steiner | October 1, 2012

    Als der 18-jährige Christian Ferras 1951 in Berlin bei den Philharmonikern… Repertoirewert: 5/5 Sternen | 21.08.2012 | Johannes Knapp | August 21, 2012 | source: http://magazin.k...

    Dem Andenken eines Bengels

    Beethoven, Ludwig van – Violinkonzert in D-Dur

    Die wiederveröffentlichte Aufnahme zweier Meilensteine der Geigenliteratur… | 21.08.2012 | August 21, 2012

    Dem Andenken eines Bengels

    Beethoven, Ludwig van: Violinkonzert in D-Dur

    Die wiederveröffentlichte Aufnahme zweier Meilensteine der Geigenliteratur…

    Die Rheinpfalz
    Die Rheinpfalz | Nr. 174 (Samstag, 28. Juli 2012) | kkch | July 28, 2012

    Berg: Violinkonzert mit Christian Ferras

    Mit Christian Ferras (1933-1982) sind so viele Aufnahmen von Bergs…

    Diapason Diapason d'Or
    Diapason | N° 602 Mai 2012 | François Hudry | May 1, 2012

    CD émouvant à plus d'un titre! D'abord parce qu'il permet d'entendre le jeune Christian Ferras dans deux interprétations solaires des concertos de…

    Fanfare | 01.05.2012 | Robert Maxham | May 1, 2012

    Audite’s program of violin concertos by Ludwig van Beethoven and Alban Berg captures two moments in the life of Christian Ferras, the first a studio…

    Das Orchester
    Das Orchester | 04/2012 | Bernhard Uske | April 1, 2012

    Zwei Geiger haben zu Ludwig van Beethovens Violinkonzert den…

    Crescendo Magazine
    Crescendo Magazine | 01.03.3012 | Bernard Postiau | March 1, 2012

    Les témoignages de Christian Ferras sont suffisamment rares que pour faire…

    American Record Guide
    American Record Guide | 01.03.2012 | John P. McKelvey | March 1, 2012

    If you like your Beethoven slow and incomparably well-played you’ll find this release a real treat, indeed a thrilling experience, one of the… | februari 2012 | Aarnout Coster | February 1, 2012

    Dertig jaar geleden overleed de Franse violist Christian Ferras…

    Classica | n° 139 février 2012 | Stéphane Friédérich | February 1, 2012

    Restituée par Orfeo, la prise de son de la Radio autrichienne (live du…

    Gramophone | February 2012 | Rob Cowan | February 1, 2012

    REPLAY – Rob Cowan's monthly survey of reissues and archive recordings

    Important first releases – Brahms from Barbirolli in the new Coventry Cathedral and in Boston • A feast from Christian Ferras

    Recordings of performances with a dark historical backdrop are fairly plentiful – think of Václav Talich conducting Má vlast in Nazi-occupied…

    Hi-Fi News
    Hi-Fi News | February 2012 | CB | February 1, 2012

    The Berg Concerto was central to Christian Ferras’s repertoire. His EMI version is no longer listed here but – like the 24 London bus – three…

    Diverdi Magazin
    Diverdi Magazin | febrero 2012 | Roberto Andrade | February 1, 2012

    Como caído del cielo

    Los conciertos de violín de Beethoven y Berg por Christian Ferras dirigido por Karl Böhm y Massimo Freccia, en Audite

    Entre 2003 y 2004, Testament editó tres CDs que incluían grabaciones EMI y Decca realizadas en los años 50 por Christian Ferras (1933-1982) en los…

    Diario de Sevilla
    Diario de Sevilla | Sábado 21 de enerode 2012 | January 21, 2012

    Serenidad y éxtasis

    Christian Ferras (1933-1982) fue un eximio representante de la escuela…

    BBC Radio 3
    BBC Radio 3 | 03.12.2011, 10.20 Uhr | Andrew Mc Gregor | December 3, 2011

    BROADCAST Building a Library

    Sendebeleg siehe PDF!…

    Classical Recordings Quarterly
    Classical Recordings Quarterly | 01.12.2011 | Leslie Gerber | December 1, 2011

    Like all long-time record collectors I have been aware of Christian Ferras, and over the years I have heard a few of his LPs and generally admired his…

    Pizzicato | N° 218 - 12/2011 | RéF | December 1, 2011

    Ferras mit Beethoven und Berg

    Und wenn es nur darum ginge, zu beweisen, dass das Duo Ferras-Karajan in Beethovens Violinkonzert 1967 besser funktionierte als Ferras-Böhm 1951,…

    Audiophile Audition
    Audiophile Audition | November 27, 2011 | Gary Lemco | November 27, 2011

    Christian Ferras, v. = Concertos of BEETHOVEN & BERG – Audite

    The tragically doomed and extraordinarily gifted Christian Ferras appears in two concertos deeply ingrained in his personality, here restored in excellent sound.

    The sublime violin artistry of Christian Ferras (1933-1982) still compels…

    Märkische Oderzeitung
    Märkische Oderzeitung | Freitag, 18. November 2011 | p.p. | November 18, 2011

    Legendäres Debüt mit Macke

    Ooops, denkt der Hörer und spielt den zweiten Satz gleich noch mal an.…

    Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
    Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung | 12.11.2011 | November 12, 2011

    Kurzer Nachtrag, betreffs Beethovens Violinkonzert: Zwar ist das Alte… | 10/2011 | Christophe Huss | October 1, 2011

    Cette bande originale du Concerto de Beethoven qui marque les débuts de Ferras à Berlin 1951 est dans un état de conservation sonore admirable. Ferras a 18 ans et son insolence sonore donne la chair de poule.…

Christian Ferras plays Beethoven and Berg Violin Concertos (audite 95.590)

part of the series: Historical Recordings of Legendary Violinists (at present 9 Productions):
article number: 95.590
EAN barcode: 4022143955906
price group: BCB
release date: 28. October 2011
total time: 72 min.

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