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Wolfgang Schneiderhan plays Mozart, Henze & Martin
audite 95.644|Nov. 2016
EUR 13.99 CD
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Wolfgang Schneiderhan plays Mozart, Henze & Martin

LUCERNE FESTIVAL Historic Performances, Vol. X

An outstanding violinist of the twentieth century, Wolfgang Schneiderhan was not only celebrated for his interpretations of the classical repertoire, but he also distinguished himself by his commitment to contemporary music. This is demonstrated in three previously unreleased live recordings from Lucerne including the world premiere of Frank Martin’s Magnificat, performed by its two dedicatees. more...

Wolfgang Schneiderhan | Irmgard Seefried
Schweizerisches Festspielorchester

Ferdinand Leitner | Bernard Haitink | Paul Hindemith

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart | Hans Werner Henze | Frank Martin

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Anoutstanding violinist of the twentieth century: Wolfgang Schneiderhan, born inVienna in 1915, was concert master of the Vienna Philharmonic for many yearsbefore turning to his solo career entirely. As a chamber musician - for instance withhis Schneiderhan Quartet or in the trio with Edwin Fischer and Enrico Mainardi- he also proved to be influential. Schneiderhan was one of the definingartists in the history of the Lucerne Festival: between 1949 and 1986 he gavean amazing forty-two concerts; as Georg Kulenkampff's successor, he directedthe masterclasses over several decades; and in 1956, together with his formerstudent Rudolf Baumgartner, he founded the Lucerne Festival Strings.

AlthoughSchneiderhan possessed enormous technical prowess, he never entered theterritory of pure virtuoso concertos or sensational solo pieces. Instead, hisdexterity always underpinned a well-articulated tone, a cultivated breath ofmodulation and a highly differentiated dynamic palette; the natural and genuinenature of his playing was, justifiably, praised again and again. Schneiderhan's"house gods" were Bach, Mozart and Beethoven, but he was also a knowledgeableand committed champion of twentieth century composers, from Boris Blacher, KarlAmadeus Hartmann and Rolf Liebermann through to Frank Martin and IgorStravinsky.

Therange of Schneiderhan's repertoire is also displayed in these three Lucernelive recordings, now released for the first time. His commitment for the musicof his time becomes particularly evident: he performs Henze's highly virtuosicFirst Violin Concerto (which he would go on to record on disc as well, with thecomposer conducting) alongside Martin's Magnificat.The Swiss composer had composed this unusually scored work, which one yearlater would be expanded into his Maria-Triptychon,for Schneiderhan and his wife, the soprano Irmgard Seefried - the Lucerne liverecording of the world premiere with the two dedicatees therefore represents anexceptional archive discovery. The early recording of Mozart's final violinconcerto on the other hand shows Schneiderhan as a representative of theViennese Mozart tradition. Here, his partner at the podium of the SwissFestival Orchestra is Paul Hindemith who can be experienced as a conductor ofclassical repertoire.

The 32-page booklet in three languages providesextensive background information on Wolfgang Schneiderhan in Lucerne, and alsofeatures photos from the festival archives published here for the very firsttime.

In cooperation with audite, LUCERNEFESTIVAL presents the "Historic Performances" series featuring outstandingconcert recordings of artists who have shaped the festival throughout itshistory. The aim of this CD edition is to rediscover treasures - most of whichhave not been released previously - from the first six decades of the festival,which was founded in 1938 with a special gala concert conducted by ArturoToscanini. These recordings have been made available by the archives of SRFSwiss Radio and Television, which has broadcast the Lucerne concerts from theoutset. Painstakingly re-mastered and supplemented with photos and materialsfrom the LUCERNE FESTIVAL archive, they represent a sonic history of thefestival. | March 2017 | Jonathan Woolf | March 1, 2017 | source:

    Wolfgang Schneiderhan was a frequent performer at successive Lucerne festivals over the decades. The three works in this disc were recorded in the…

    Radio Stephansdom CD der Woche
    Radio Stephansdom | 20.02.2017 | Michael Gmasz | February 20, 2017 | source: https://radiokla...

    BROADCAST CD der Woche

    Wolfgang Schneiderhan in Luzern

    Wolfgang Schneiderhan gehört unbestritten zu den bedeutendsten Geigern, die unser Land im vergangenen Jahrhundert hervorgebracht hat. Konzertmeister…

    hifi & records
    hifi & records | 2/2017 | Uwe Steiner | February 1, 2017

    Im lebhaften Mitschnitt musiziert er stürmisch expressiv. Das interessanteste Dokument gibt die von Bernard Haitink dirigierte Uraufführung von Frank Martins »Magnificat« wieder. Der Schweizer Komponist hatte das elfminütige Stück eigens für Schneiderhan und seine Frau, die große Irmgard Seefried, geschrieben. Eine Entdeckung!… | January 2017 | Stephen Greenbank | January 30, 2017 | source:

    In the spotlight of this latest volume in Audite's Lucerne Festival edition is the Austrian violinist Wolfgang Schneiderhan (1915-2002). He was one of…

    Opera Nederland
    Opera Nederland | 25.01.2017 | Dr. Mark Duijnstee | January 25, 2017 | source: http://operanede...

    Het ‘Magnificat’ stuwt naar een intense gevoel van vreugde en overweldigende achting als Maria het één en ander doorziet en haar zending aanneemt. De terughoudende Schneiderhan en de expressieve Seefried geven een enorme zeggingskracht aan het stuk. Ieder woord en elke noot is duidelijk en krijgt de juiste lading.…

    BBC Music Magazine Performance 4/5
    BBC Music Magazine | January 2017 | Julian Haylock | January 1, 2017

    Live performances from the 1950s and '60s that mark out Schneiderhan as a first-rate Mozartian and a valued champion of contemporary music in a…

    Musik & Theater
    Musik & Theater | 01/02 Januar/Februar 2017 | Werner Pfister | January 1, 2017

    Elf Minuten für die Ewigkeit

    In Mozarts Violinkonzert Nr. 5 [...] exzelliert Schneiderhan in kantablen Geigenwonnen, und gleichzeitig musiziert er [...] seinen Mozart schlank und sehr agil. Solche Vorzüge bewähren sich auch im ersten Violinkonzert von Henze [...] das hier [...] eine rundum beeindruckende, stimmige Interpretation erfährt.…

    Luzerner Zeitung
    Luzerner Zeitung | 14. Dezember 2016 | Fritz Schaub | December 14, 2016 | source: http://www.luzer...

    Geiger Wolfgang Schneiderhan – Ungestüm über die Klassikgötter hinaus

    «Mit welcher tonlichen Noblesse und musikalischen Feinnervigkeit, mit welchem unübertrefflichen Stilempfinden, technischer Brillanz und Eleganz wurde hier musiziert!»… 4/5 Noten | 02/12/2016 | Remy Franck | December 2, 2016 | source: http://www.pizzi...

    Hommage an Wolfgang Schneiderhan

    Der österreichische Geiger Wolfgang Schneiderhan war 38 Jahre alt, als er unter Paul Hindemiths Leitung in Luzern das 5. Violinkonzert von Mozart… | december 2016 | Aart van der Wal | December 1, 2016 | source: https://www.opus...

    Mozarts laatste Vioolconcert gedijt in de typische Weense Mozart-traditie van de jaren vijftig. Dat we het nu anders gewend zijn doet aan het gloedvolle maar ook intieme karakter van Schneiderhands interpretatie niets af. Dit is een uitgave om te koesteren! …

    Audiophile Audition
    Audiophile Audition | November 12, 2016 | Gary Lemco | November 12, 2016 | source: http://www.audau...

    [...] utilizing explosive brass, percussion and piano – Schneiderhan’s violin tone remains rounded and secure, lustrous even in the provocative syntax and daunting shifts of bow application the composer requires.…

Wolfgang Schneiderhan plays Mozart, Henze & Martin (audite 95.644)

Teil der Serien: LUCERNE FESTIVAL Historic Performances (at present 10 productions)
Historical Recordings of Legendary Violinists (at present 9 Productions):
article number: 95.644
EAN barcode: 4022143956446
price group: BCB
release date: 4. November 2016
total time: 65 min.

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