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Ottawa Chamberfest
Nikolai Rimski-Korsakov: "Scheherazade"
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Ludwig van Beethoven: Complete Works for Piano Trio - Vol. 3
audite 97.694|Apr. 2016
EUR 19.99 CD
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Ludwig van Beethoven: Complete Works for Piano Trio - Vol. 3

The continuation of the complete edition of the works for piano trio: two key works of Beethoven, complemented by the underrated Variations, Op. 44. more...

Schweizer Klaviertrio – Swiss Piano Trio

Ludwig van Beethoven

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​The third series of the complete recordings of the works for piano trio made by the Swiss Piano Trio presents a key work of Beethoven - the Piano Trio in C minor, Op. 1, No. 3 published in 1795 - which also achieved central importance for Beethoven's music beyond the genre of the piano trio. Already here, Beethoven tested the approach of a condensation of thematic relationships in order to create a compelling formal and dramatic plot, at the same time creating a broad expressive spectrum. The fifth Piano Trio in E-flat major, Op. 70, No. 2 composed in 1808 goes a decisive step beyond that: unexpected elements and a subjectification come to light here that were to exercise a substantial influence on the romantic generation. The 14 Variations on an Original Theme in E-flat major, Op. 44, unfortunately regarded as merely a work of secondary importance, reveal a witty and calculating composer who is able to elicit an incredible plethora of variations and metamorphoses from a banal triadic theme. It is to a certain extent a "finger exercise", but it reveals in each moment the superiority of the composer Beethoven, admired by and puzzling to his contemporaries in equal measure.

    American Record Guide
    American Record Guide | September / October 2016 | Gregory Hamilton | September 1, 2016 | source: http://www.ameri...

    This series presents the Beethoven trios not in chronological order, but as integral concert programs. This release has a very lovely ambience and…

    www.musicweb-international.com | Tuesday August 23rd | Colin Clarke | August 23, 2016 | source: http://www.music...

    My Musicweb International colleague David Barker reviewed Volume 2 of this five-disc series in December 2015 (who knows, maybe even concurrently with…

    WDR 3
    WDR 3 | TonArt | 21.06.2016 | June 21, 2016


    Sämtliche Klaviertrios von Beethoven nimmt das Schweizer Klaviertrio auf. Gerade ist Volume 3 des Projektes erschienen. Christoph Vratz hat die CD…

    De Gelderlander LUISTER MEE
    De Gelderlander | 18 mei 2016 | Maarten-Jan Dongelmans | May 18, 2016

    Klassiek: Het Swiss Piano Trio biedt het beste van twee werelden

    Er zijn meerdere topnamen van de complete pianotrio's van Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827) – ik hoef alleen maar de naam van het Beaux Arts Trio te noemen – maar mijn voorkeur gaat uit naar deze in januari 2015 gestarte reeks van het Duitse kwaliteitslabel Audite. [...] Lering trekken uit de muziekwetenschap en dat combineren met ultiem speelplezier: het Swiss Piano Trio biedt het beste van twee werelden.…

    Fanfare | October 2016 | Jerry Dubins

    I’m not sure what happened to Volume II in the Swiss Piano Trio’s ongoing Beethoven cycle, but in 39:1 I gave high marks to the ensemble’s…

Ludwig van Beethoven: Complete Works for Piano Trio - Vol. 3 (audite 97.694)

Teil der Serien: Complete Piano Trios of Ludwig van Beethoven with the Swiss Piano Trio (3/5 productions)
Swiss Piano Trio (at present 8 Productions)
article number: 97.694
EAN barcode: 4022143976949
price group: BCA
release date: 29. April 2016
total time: 75 min.

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