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Violoncelle français
audite 97.698|Oct. 2016
EUR 19.99 CD
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Violoncelle français

A young duo introduces itself. The interpretations of Cheng² Duo are steeped in a rare balance of unfiltered youthful joy and enthusiasm in their playing on one hand, and mature, historically informed, and profound interpretations on the other, commanding attention from the very first note. With their debut CD, Bryan and Silvie Cheng present a panorama of French chamber music written between 1860 and 1916. more...

Cheng² Duo

Claude Debussy | Gabriel Fauré | César Franck | Camille Saint-Saëns | Louis Francœur

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"Highly eloquent performances of a French program with two sonatas and some lollipops. Besides a very serene version of the Franck Sonata, it is especially a striking account of Debussy’s Sonata that shows the talent of the Canadian Cheng2Duo. With long heartfully rendered singing lines Bryan Cheng gives us proof of the often-heard assertion that the cello sounds more like the human voice than any other instrument." (Pizzicato) more...

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Bilder der Mitwirkenden

A young duo introduces itself. The interpretations of Cheng² Duo are steeped in a rare balance of unfiltered youthful joy and enthusiasm in their playing on one hand, and mature, historically informed, and profound interpretations on the other, commanding attention from the very first note.

Bryan and Silvie Cheng are brother and sister; he is a cellist, she a pianist, and together they are the Cheng² Duo (pronounced Cheng Squared Duo), now presenting their debut CD with audite. These two Canadian artists are children of Chinese immigrants: she was born in Tokyo, he in Ottawa; today, he lives in Berlin, she in New York - cosmopolitans, therefore, with a diverse cultural background. Both are young, barely or around twenty years of age: audite's youngest artists to date, which also reflects the label's strong commitment to its performers. This debut CD marks the beginning of an audite recording series featuring Cheng² Duo. A further recording of Spanish works for cello and piano is already being planned.

This first disc makes the panorama of French chamber music written between the 1860s and the 1910s come alive in all its diversity: from multiple-movement works whose composers mainly drew on Beethoven and the German romantic composers, through to character pieces which formed part of the repertoire performed in sophisticated salons. Principal trends, some of which were devoted to one another by way of trenchant polemics, are represented by works of César Franck, Camille Saint-Saëns and his student Gabriel Fauré, as well as Claude Debussy. This release features two additional tracks, excerpts of Louis Francœur's Sonata in E major in arrangements by Jean-Delphin Alard and Arnold Trowell, which are available as download.

The performers have not only proved an instant success as Cheng² Duo - stepping in at short notice at Carnegie Hall and impressing both the audience and the promoter to the extent that they were immediately re-invited - but have also won renowned awards as soloists, each in their own right.

Bryan Cheng made his debut in Montreal at the age of ten and has since been invited to perform as a soloist with numerous orchestras, at festivals and in recital. Having won several Canadian competitions and awards, including the 2016 National Arts Centre Orchestra Bursary Competition, he is now preparing to take part in many of the major international cello competitions. Having trained with Yuli Turovsky and Hans Jørgen Jensen at Northwestern University, Illinois, he is now studying with Jens Peter Maintz at the Universität der Künste in Berlin. As an avid chamber musician, Bryan Cheng has appeared in various formations ranging from the piano trio through to ensembles performing on traditional Chinese instruments. He also champions new music and has given several world premieres in Canada and the USA.

Silvie Cheng made her orchestral debut in Ottawa in 2008, followed by her Carnegie Hall solo debut in Weill Recital Hall three years later. She has won numerous national and international piano competitions and given solo recitals as well as chamber music performances at major halls and festivals. She is a Nassau Chamber Music Society artist and the pianist of the sTem Trio. Silvie Cheng studied with Jeffrey Cohen, Michel Fournier and Nicole Presentey at the Manhattan School of Music and the Royal Conservatory of Music of Toronto. She rounded off her musical training in masterclasses with distinguished pianists including Menahem Pressler, Angela Hewitt and Christoph Eschenbach.

    Fono Forum Klang: 4/5
    Fono Forum | März 2017 | Ole Pflüger | March 1, 2017

    Das Label Audite traut sich was. Der Cellist Bryan Cheng (18) und die Pianistin Silvie Cheng (25) sind die jüngsten Musiker, die es je unter Vertrag genommen hat. So jung, dass es über keinen von beiden einen Lexikoneintrag in der Wikipedia gibt. Aber die Geschwister aus Kanada zahlen das Vertrauen mit einer stets soliden, manchmal hervorragenden Debüt-CD zurück.

    Sie begegnen den Sonaten von Cesar Franck mit Feinsinn und Gespür für elegischen Ton. Silvie Chengs Hände gleiten von Taste zu Taste, sie webt einen Klangteppich voll filigraner Muster und breitet ihn unter dem Spiel ihres Bruders aus. Mit gedämpftem, fast heiserem Klang schleicht er im Zwielicht durch die leiseren Passagen der Sonaten, ein faszinierendes Spiel mit der Dunkelheit. Für die großen Wehklagen und Wutausbrüche fehlt Bryan Cheng dagegen manchmal die Wucht. Der aufgepeitschte Mittelteil von Gabriel Faures Elegie wirkt erstaunlich zurückhaltend, so als wollten beide Musiker dem jeweils anderen brav den Vortritt lassen. Höflichkeit unter Geschwistern? Ist das die Kehrseite des perfekt abgestimmten Zusammenspiels? Seit fünfzehn Jahren machen die Cheng-Geschwister gemeinsam Musik. Bryan Cheng war damals drei Jahre alt. Sie geben einander Raum, und stets bleibt zu hören, was welche Hand auf welchem Instrument gerade treibt.

    Ein Höhepunkt der CD ist ihre Interpretation von Camille Saint-Saens' Allegro appassionato. Bryan Cheng stürmt trittsicher die Tonleitern hinauf und tänzelt dann triumphierend auf dem Gipfel. Im tänzerischsten, schlankesten und bestgelaunten Stück dieser CD legt er seinen Glanzauftritt hin. Sie blitzt zwar nur kurz auf; aber es ist diese Facette an Bryan Chengs Spiel, die besonders neugierig macht, auch auf seinen Umgang mit anderen Klassikern des Cello-Repertoires: Wie er sich durch Haydns Konzerte und Beethovens Sonaten schwingen wird... Man ahnt, dass es ein großes Fest werden kann mit den beiden.

    American Record Guide
    American Record Guide | February 2017 | David W Moore | February 1, 2017 | source: http://www.ameri...

    The first program is excellently played by both musicians. It consists of Brahms’s E minor Sonata and Debussy’s in D minor and the Cesar Franck…

    Classical Radio Boston - WCRB 99,5
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    CD of the Week: Cheng Squared Duo: Violoncelle Francais

    The sibling duo performs cello and piano pieces by four of the great minds of French Romanticism and Impressionism.

    As the aesthetics and…

    RBB Kulturradio
    RBB Kulturradio | 12.01.2017, 20:04 Uhr | January 12, 2017 | source: http://www.kultu...

    BROADCAST Talente und Karrieren

    Tiefe Saiten: Das Duo Cheng² und der Kontrabassist Wies de Boevé

    Sendebeleg siehe PDF!…

    Das Orchester
    Das Orchester | 01/2017 | January 1, 2017 | source: http://www.dasor...

    Hier [...] hören wir ein fein abgewogenes kammermusikalisches Teamwork, das gleichwohl in punkto Dynamik und Expression keine Extreme scheut.…

    www.msmnyc.edu | January 2017 | January 1, 2017 | source: http://www.msmny...

    Welcome to our Alumni News Highlights page

    Check out the recent activities and accomplishments of our alumni

    Silvie Cheng (BM ‘13, MM ‘15), alongside her cellist brother, Bryan Cheng, is the pianist of Cheng² Duo, which released its debut album,…

    Radio Canada international
    Radio Canada international | samedi 3 décembre, 2016 | Raymond Desmarteau | December 3, 2016 | source: http://www.rcine...


    Cheng2 Duo nous présente son premier disque « Violoncelle français »

    Le duo formé de Silvie et de Bryan Cheng nous propose son tout premier disque où l’on retrouve des œuvres majeures du répertoire français…

    www.citeboomers.com | 1 décembre 2016 | André Maccabée | December 1, 2016 | source: http://www.citeb...

    Le jeu du duo frère-soeur exprime un rare équilibre de joie et d’enthousiasme juvénile d’une part et d’une interprétation mature, profonde et historiquement juste d’autre part, stimulant l’attention dès la première note.…

    Le Babill Art - Guide culturel
    Le Babill Art - Guide culturel | Dezember 2016 | Serge | December 1, 2016 | source: http://lebabilla...

    Le vaste répertoire du duo les amenés à présenter des récitals de hautes performances sur trois continents et dans plusieurs festivals. Parmi les faits marquants qu'ils ont vécus en 2016, figurent la série Pro Musica et une tournée de 13 villes à travers la Chine continentale. Voici leur premier album qu'ils ont intitulé Violoncelle français avec des œuvres de Debussy, Fauré, César Franck, Jules Delsart et Camille Saint-Saëns.…

    Radio Canada international
    Radio Canada international | 25 十一月, 2016 | November 25, 2016 | source: http://www.rcine...


    Sendebeleg siehe PDF!…

    CBC Radio
    CBC Radio | November 20, 2016 | November 20, 2016

    BROADCAST Disc of the week

    Sendebeleg siehe PDF!…

    www.pizzicato.lu 5/5 Noten
    www.pizzicato.lu | 02/11/2016 | Remy Franck | November 2, 2016 | source: http://www.pizzi...

    Und noch ein herausragender junger Cellist…

    Der 18-jährige kanadisch-chinesische Cellist Bryan Cheng und seine sechs Jahre ältere Schwester Silvie spielen seit 13 Jahren zusammen und tun es…

    ClicMag | 11/2016 | Bertrand Abraham | November 1, 2016 | source: http://www.clicm...

    La sonate de Debussy est la pièce maîtresse de ce disque. Les deux prodiges en donnent une interprétation très claire, très construite, très poétique.…

    www.bandcamp.com | 01.11.2016 | November 1, 2016 | source: https://cheng2du...

    "Violoncelle Français" is the DEBUT album of German recording label audite's YOUNGEST artists to date, and this release marks the beginning of an…

    http://musique.fnac.com | 01.11.2016 | Bertrand Abraham | November 1, 2016 | source: http://musique.f...

    La sonate de Debussy est la pièce maîtresse de ce disque. Les deux prodiges en donnent une interprétation très claire, très construite, très poétique.…

    http://largestagelive.blogspot.de | Friday, 21 October 2016 | Ken Stephen | October 21, 2016 | source: http://largestag...

    An Impressive Debut Recording

    Okay, let's go right up front here: I'm breaking my own rules. This is supposed to be a blog that reviews live arts performances, as the title clearly…

    www.vpro.nl | 19 Oktober 2016 | AvN | October 19, 2016 | source: http://www.vpro....

    Michael Finnisy, Cheng Squared Duo, Einzelgänger, Goat, Stick Men, Khmer Rouge Survivors

    opmerkelijke nieuwe releases

    All of the pieces are very happy classical hits, but performed with such feeling and enthusiasm and dedication.…

    Rondo | Nr. 962 // 15. - 21.10.2016 | October 15, 2016 | source: http://www.rondo...

    CD zum Sonntag

    Sie zeichnen ein Panorama der Klangwelten zwischen 1860 und 1910, das bei allen Cello-Freunden die Herzen höher schlagen lassen dürfte: Saint-Saëns, Franck, Fauré, dazu die wunderbar impressionistische Sonate von Debussy. Und auch wenn die Zusammenstellung ein wenig Kitschgefahr bereit hält: Die ausgewählten Mélodies und Sonaten sind stilsicher und empfindsam musiziert von einem Duo, das sich hörbar gut aufeinander eingestellt hat. …

Violoncelle français (audite 97.698)

article number: 97.698
EAN barcode: 4022143976987
price group: BCA
release date: 14. October 2016
total time: 64 min.

User comments

  • My apologies for the earlier comment - I found the digital booklet on the website, just not included in the download.
  • 30.10.2016 | Murray Treloar
  • Good performance and very good recorded sound. I am disappointed by absence of track Metadata, album art and PDF booklet. For metadata, I suggest you buy the program Musichi and use it to label your albums! [I have no connection to Musichi - I am just a happy user].
  • 30.10.2016 | Murray Treloar

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