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J. Brahms: Clarinet Chamber Music
audite 92.554|Oct. 2006
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J. Brahms: Clarinet Chamber Music

At the end of his career, when he had already made his will, Johannes Brahms (1833-1897) was enthused by an instrument which had been known to the composer for decades, mainly as a member of the orchestra: the clarinet . Richard Mühlfeld, the gifted chamber music virtuoso of the Meiningen court... more...

Arthur Campbell | Frances Renzi | Jean-Pascal Meyer | Daniel Raclot

Johannes Brahms

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At the end of his career, when he had already made his will, Johannes Brahms (1833-1897) was enthused by an instrument which had been known to the composer for decades, mainly as a member of the orchestra: the clarinet. Richard Mühlfeld, the gifted chamber music virtuoso of the Meiningen court orchestra, was the muse for the four late chamber music works with clarinet of 1891 and 1894 of which the Trio op. 114 and the two Clarinet Sonatas op. 120 were recorded for this disc. The North German composer with a melancholy disposition reveals a preference for the middle, noble register and the expressively “speaking” tone of the clarinet which he demands extensively in all three works. Whereas the Trio op. 114 with piano and cello has always been considered a subtly crafted work for connoisseurs, the two Clarinet Sonatas op. 120, passionately romantic and vigorous at the same time, became popular immediately. Clarinettists gratefully added the works to their repertoire, whilst they triggered with composers a veritable “renaissance” of the clarinet in chamber music.

Arthur Campbell has won national and international competitions. He has performed and toured extensively throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia and followed invitations to present master classes at leading universities, conservatories and conventions throughout the world. Arthur Campbell has been recruited to the Artist-Faculty of Grand Valley State University in Michigan.
An experienced teacher as well as performer, Frances Renzi is Professor Emerita at the University of Toledo where she taught for 27 years. She has appeared as soloist and extraordinary chamber player throughout North America.
Daniel Raclot won international Cello- and Chamber Music Competitions. He has been solo cellist of the Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio-France since 1978.
Jean Pascal Meyer, too, won international Piano Competitions. Concert tours have led him not only through France and Europe but also to Asia and North- and South-America.

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J. Brahms: Clarinet Chamber Music (audite 92.554)

article number: 92.554
EAN barcode: 4022143925541
price group: ACX
release date: 1. October 2006
total time: 69 min.

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