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Ludwig van Beethoven: Complete String Quartets - Vol. 3
audite 92.682|May. 2014
EUR 20.69 SACD
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Ludwig van Beethoven: Complete String Quartets - Vol. 3

In the Quartetto di Cremona’s third volume of the Complete Beethoven String Quartets, enthusiastically received by press and audience, the ensemble undertakes a bold triple jump through Beethoven’s different stages of musical development. Presented here are the C minor work from the first, ingenious set of quartets Op. 18, the first of the highly virtuosic “Razumovsky” Quartets Op. 59, as well as the “Great Fugue”, Op. 133, a pinnacle of musical artistry. more...

Quartetto di Cremona

Ludwig van Beethoven

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"Das Kompetenzteam aus Cremona geht an diese Aufgabe mit Selbstbewusstsein, aber ohne Fahrlässigkeit heran, lässt sein Temperament vorpreschen und den langen Atem dennoch bewahren. So gelingt eine Quadratur des Zirkels aus Klangfinesse und Ausdruckstiefe, die Beethovens Geist überzeugend reflektiert." (Spiegel) more...

​"The reviewer dares not interpret the meaning of the fugal finale: to him it seemed unfathomable, like Chinese." Ludwig van Beethoven frequently aroused incomprehension amongst contemporaries with his late quartets. But no work seemed to his audience of 1826 as "Chinese" as the monumental movement that Beethoven had composed in the seemingly familiar form of the fugue. Ever since, the "Great Fugue" - originally the finale of the Quartet Op. 130 - has been surrounded by the nimbus of his extreme, almost impenetrable tenacity.

The Quartetto di Cremona have made the monumental Fugue Op. 133 the centrepiece of the third volume of their Complete Beethoven String Quartets recording series. The monolithic movement is flanked by two works from Beethoven's early and middle periods. The fourth Quartet of the first set, Op. 18, does not yet interpret the home key of C minor as fateful (as is the case later in the Fifth Symphony), but turns the quartet style of Beethoven's teacher Joseph Haydn towards the agitated. However, with the first Quartet of the revolutionary set of Op. 59, dedicated to the Russian Count Razumovsky, Beethoven looks far ahead into the future and composes a grandiose first movement, an expansive, sensitive Adagio and a finale in which he bows to his commissioner with a "Thème russe".

violin I: Guarneri del Gesù
violin II: Giovanni Battista Guadagnini, 1752 (Great Fugue)
violin II: Salvatore Scalia, 2012 (Op. 18 No. 4 / Op. 59 No. 1)
viola: Pietro Gargini, 2012 (Great Fugue)
viola: Alberto Giordano, 1995 (Op. 18 No. 4 / Op. 59 No. 1)
cello: Marino Capicchioni, 1974

    Crescendo Magazine
    Crescendo Magazine | Le 4 décembre 2014 | Bernard Postiau | December 4, 2014

    Suite d’une intégrale qui ne s’impose pas

    BEETHOVEN (1770-1827) Quatuors à cordes opus 18 n° 4, opus 59 n° 1 et…

    American Record Guide
    American Record Guide | December 2014 | Paul L Althouse | December 1, 2014

    This is the third volume of the Cremona’s Beethoven Quartets. The first installment with Quartets 6, 11, and 16 was reviewed by Greg Pagel (S/O…

    www.pizzicato.lu Supersonic
    www.pizzicato.lu | 20/10/2014 | Remy Franck | October 20, 2014

    Emotionaler Strudel

    Zunächst ist man sprachlos, aufgewühlt, wenn die letzten Töne dieser Einspielung verklungen sind. Erst allmählich wird man sich dann bewusst,…

    Stereo Musik-Check: 5/5 Sternen
    Stereo | 10/2014 Oktober | Marcus Stäbler | October 1, 2014

    Auffällig sind etwa die perfekt getimten Zäsuren innerhalb der Sätze, mit denen das Ensemble die Partitur in ihre Sinnabschnitte gliedert. Diese analytische Klarsicht paart sich mit einem großen Reichtum an Farben, Charakteren und Emotionen.…

    BBC Music Magazine Performance 4/5
    BBC Music Magazine | October 2014 | EL | October 1, 2014

    Early, middle and late Beethoven is projected with visceral excitement and pulsating energy by this gifted quartet. Occasionally I missed a more…

    Ensemble - Magazin für Kammermusik
    Ensemble - Magazin für Kammermusik | 5-2014 Oktober / November | Robert Nemecek | October 1, 2014

    Sinnlich und direkt

    Die Musiker begegnen Beethovens Musik auf eine sehr sinnliche und direkte Art, aus der Interpretationen hervorgehen, die sich durch ein hohes Maß an Plastizität, Strahlkraft und Expressivität auszeichnen. Eine vollkommen ausgereifte SACD-Technik macht jedes Detail hörbar. Als Hörer kommt man Beethovens Musik so nahe wie nur möglich.…

    Fono Forum TIPP
    Fono Forum | September 2014 | Marcus Stäbler | September 1, 2014


    Eine gute Balance aus Gefühl und Verstand, aus geistiger Durchdringung und Leidenschaft gehört zu den wichtigsten Schlüsseln für eine zwingende…

    International Record Review
    International Record Review | September 2014 | Michael Jameson | September 1, 2014

    Each volume of this evolving Beethoven quartet cycle from the Quartetto di Cremona usefully encompasses works from all three creative phases of the…

    Classical CD Choice
    Classical CD Choice | August 13, 2014 | Barry Forshaw | August 13, 2014 | source: http://www.cdcho...

    From Strauss to Superman: New titles from PentaTone, Silva Screen, etc.

    [...] a truly impressive cycle. [...] a pinnacle of musical artistry.…

    Gramophone | August 2014 | Harriet Smith | August 1, 2014

    I got my first taste of the Quartetto di Cremona in a survey of Beethoven chamber music last summer. Now they've reached Vol 3 of the quartets and the…

    The Strad
    The Strad | Monday, 28 July 2014 | Edward Bhesania | July 28, 2014

    There’s no shortage of bite or energy in the third instalment of the Cremona Quartet’s survey of Beethoven’s string quartets. The instruments speak with crisp articulation and the players don’t hold back in terms of vigour. This often makes for thrilling listening.…

    www.musicweb-international.com | July 2014 | Brian Wilson | July 1, 2014

    The Belcea Quartet and Quartetto di Cremona are both comparatively youthful ensembles who have made fine reputations in a short time.

    Let me get…

    hifi & records
    hifi & records | 3/2014 | Uwe Steiner | July 1, 2014

    Wie schon in den vorangegangenen Folgen spricht das Quartetto di Cremona in seiner Gesamtaufnahme der Beethoven-Quartette nicht bloß. Nein, die Italiener singen förmlich jede Phrase. Wann hat man diese widerborstigen, die konventionelle Vernunft so oft herausfordernden Gebilde zuletzt, bei aller rhetorischen Durchformung, so kantabel an- und abphrasiert, so historisch informiert und zugleich so undogmatisch gehört? [...] In den Einzelstimmen profiliert, im Ensemble homogen – das ist ganz große Quartettkultur, unterstützt von einem direkten und natürlichen Klangbild.…

    Audiophile Audition
    Audiophile Audition | June 20, 2014 | Gary Lemco | June 20, 2014

    Kudos to the marvelous engineering of this movement – courtesy of Ludger Boeckenhoff – for the absolutely lifelike resonance of parts.…

    Kulturnews | 06 2014 | mw | June 1, 2014

    Das Quartetto di Cremona spielt Beethovens Streichquartette mit Verve, Schmelz und Inbrunst und vor allem jener mikrometergenauen Präzision, der man den Übungsraum eben genau nicht mehr anhört. …

    Spiegel online
    Spiegel online | Sonntag, 25.05.2014 | Werner Theurich | May 25, 2014

    Feine Kammermusik: Einmal Feuer für Herrn Beethoven, bitte!

    Das Kompetenzteam aus Cremona geht an diese Aufgabe mit Selbstbewusstsein, aber ohne Fahrlässigkeit heran, lässt sein Temperament vorpreschen und den langen Atem dennoch bewahren. So gelingt eine Quadratur des Zirkels aus Klangfinesse und Ausdruckstiefe, die Beethovens Geist überzeugend reflektiert.…

    www.audiofilemusic.com | Lunedì, 19 Maggio 2014 | Andrea Bedetti | May 19, 2014

    Il Quartetto di Cremona continua il suo viaggio nei capolavori beethoveniani

    La celeberrima compagine cameristica italiana giunge, per l'etichetta…

    The Herald Scotland
    The Herald Scotland | Sunday 18 May 2014 | Michael Tumelty | May 18, 2014

    Miss this one at your peril

    All of their strengths are enshrined in this sensational set of performances, with the nervy edge in opus 18, no 4, the fast-flowing opening cello theme of opus 59 no 1, and, fantastically, in the brilliant, grinding opening and spine-tingling playing throughout a truly great, wonderfully structured and gripping account of opus 133, the Great Fugue. If you can get through this lot without your hair standing on end, see your doctor.…

Ludwig van Beethoven: Complete String Quartets - Vol. 3 (audite 92.682)

part of the series: Beethoven Complete String Quartets with Quartetto di Cremona (at present 7/8 productions)
article number: 92.682
EAN barcode: 4022143926821
price group: ACX
release date: 16. May 2014
total time: 78 min.

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