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Ludwig van Beethoven: Complete String Quartets - Vol. 6
audite 92.685|Jul. 2016
EUR 20.69 SACD
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Ludwig van Beethoven: Complete String Quartets - Vol. 6

Once more, an early and a late work provide insight into Beethoven’s startling development. Both pieces reveal how Beethoven incorporated folk music into his own works – in all other aspects, the styles of these two string quartets could not be more different. more...

Quartetto di Cremona

Ludwig van Beethoven

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"[...] such warm playing; such perfection on a silver disc; what a glory this is." (The Herald Scotland) more...

Beethoven's startling development: An early and a late work provide insight

​Early and late - with Beethoven this always implies developing questions and expanding compositional ideas. In the case of the works recorded here, the A major Quartet from the Op. 18 set and the B-flat major Quartet, Op. 130, the focus is on folk music and its integration into art music: a recurring, central subject for the composers of "Viennese Classicism" which also guaranteed general accessibility to their music. The variations on a simple theme in the Andante of the Quartet Op. 18 No. 5 represent such a case of looking towards popular music, as also does the "Alla danza tedesca" from the late Quartet Op. 130, where the rhythm and character of the good old German dance is alienated to such an extent that it seems to appear as a damaged recollection, more than as an actual dance.

In all other aspects, however, the styles of these two string quartets could not be more different. "Who would not remember the enthusiasm created by his first symphonies, his sonatas, his quartets", a contemporary wrote not long after Beethoven's death. "All music lovers were delighted to find, so soon after Mozart's death, a man emerge who promised to replace the sorely missed. But alas, albeit gradually, though increasingly, he departed from his initial path, insisted on cutting a new one, and finally went astray." This "going astray" is today considered the most fascinating late oeuvre in musical history, to be experienced here in passionate and painstaking interpretations by the Quartetto di Cremona as part of their recording of the complete Beethoven Quartets.

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    This disc came as a disappointment after my extremely positive feelings about the earlier volumes in the Cremona Quartet's Beethoven series. I still…

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    Fono Forum | November 2016 | Marcus Stäbler | November 1, 2016

    Mit seinen Schnörkeln und Trillerfiguren gibt sich Beethovens frühes Quartett op. 18 Nr. 5 noch etwas neckischer, etwas rokokohafter als die…

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    Das Quartetto di Cremona spielt Beethoven

    Sendebeleg siehe PDF!

    www.pizzicato.lu Supersonic
    www.pizzicato.lu | 24/08/2016 | Guy Engels | August 24, 2016 | source: http://www.pizzi...

    Spannend bis zum Schluss

    Die Beethoven-Reise des ‘Quartto di Cremona’ neigt sich ihrem Ende zu, die Spannung bleibt hingegen unvermindert hoch. Auch nach sechs Etappen…

    www.myclassicalnotes.com | August 20, 2016 | Hank Zauderer | August 20, 2016 | source: http://www.mycla...

    Late and Early Beethoven

    I am a huge fan of Beethoven’s chamber music. And recordings that combine…

    Sunday Times
    Sunday Times | 15.08.2016 | SP | August 15, 2016

    Op. 130 is a masterpiece – tough, poignant, charming, even a touch sentimental. It’s played with freshness and immediacy.…

    The Herald Scotland
    The Herald Scotland | 29 Jul 2016 | Michael Tumelty | July 29, 2016 | source: http://www.heral...

    such warm playing; such perfection on a silver disc; what a glory this is.…

    www.europadisc.co.uk | 22.07.2016 | July 22, 2016 | source: http://www.europ...

    The recorded sound is intimate but never dry, serving the performances faithfully yet unobtrusively. Those who have been following this excellent modern cycle will snap the disc up immediately: for those who haven’t, this is as fine a place to start as any, and will have you hooked in no time.…

    The Herald Scotland
    The Herald Scotland | 16 Jul 2016 | Michael Tumelty | July 16, 2016 | source: http://m.heralds...

    Quartetto di Cremona's special way with Beethoven

    [...] the Cremona Quartet are their own men, with their own sound, their own approach and their own style. And, in a world that is positively crawling with string quartets (where do they all come from, and how do they breed?) the Quartetto di Cremona, to my mind and perception, are just about the top of the heap.…

    Rheinische Post
    Rheinische Post | 13. Juli 2016 | Wolfram Goertz | July 13, 2016

    Wer soll das alles hören?

    Täglich erscheinen Berge von neuen Klassik-CDs. Wir haben ins volle Töneleben gegriffen und gelauscht. Bei einigen Platten fragt man sich, ob es…

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    […] Auch die nächste Aufnahme ist Teil einer Serie. Das italienische Quartetto di Cremona hat bei Audite soeben die fünfte Folge seiner…

    ensuite Kulturmagazin
    ensuite Kulturmagazin | Dezember 2016 | Francois Lilienfeld

    Die «Zweite» Schumann: Klaviere oder Orchester?

    Bewundernswert, wie der Primgeiger Cristiano Gualco diese unglaublich schwere Aufgabe klanglich realisiert. Überhaupt, der Klang dieses Quartetts: sehr homogen und auch in den wildesten und Sforzato-reichsten Stellen nie brutal. Die Musiker spielen auf vier wunderbaren italienischen Instrumenten aus dem 17./18. Jahrhundert [...] Diese Gesamtausgabe wird wohl eine Referenzaufnahme werden.…

Ludwig van Beethoven: Complete String Quartets - Vol. 6 (audite 92.685)

part of the series: Beethoven Complete String Quartets with Quartetto di Cremona (at present 7/8 productions)
article number: 92.685
EAN barcode: 4022143926852
price group: ACX
release date: 1. July 2016
total time: 66 min.

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