audite and SACD

Jan 15, 2004 News audite and SACD

Our first Surround-SACD „Touching Colours“ will carry you off directly into the acoustics of the Gothic church St. Arnual. Orchestra and organ are powerfully built up before you, velvety carpets of string sound and dazzling sound mixtures surround you. The precision and power of the full orchestra are close enough to grasp, with the organ's tone colours present in every detail.

The sonic fascination and superiority of the SACD-Surround recording becomes obvious in this production. This SACD release is also playable on any normal CD player, in that case with the usual CD quality. But whoever wants to experience the entire dimension of the sound and listen into the depths of the cathedral's space should play this recording on a SACD player.

The soloist Christian Schmitt has been a prize winner at numerous international organ competitions. As a special honour, he was awarded the European Soloists' Prize of the foundation "Pro Europa" at the Lucerne Festival in September 2003. Together with Johannes Wildner, Music Director of the Westphalian New Philharmonic and international guest conductor, and the Saarbrücken Radio Symphony Orchestra, playing with great commitment and precision, the recording turnes into a unique voyage of sound and interpretation. You should not miss out on this special experience for your ears!

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